all about b.fat

This page is here in case you were curi-ose about me.  Yes, everything you have heard is true... except for that thing about the gerbil and the jell-o and the spice rack... that was completely false.  Anyway, to your right --> you will see a section for frequently asked questions about me.  Below, there are some pictures of my big fat self and my tardo friends who gave me this name.  :D  You know you love me, don't lie.

this lovely drawing of me was done by Christy...

my friends at burger king... they are a 'lil "special"

lee and monkey... the original, not that jerk imposter.

all us nuts, we think we're cool.  oh, how wrong we are.  :P

me, laura, and shawn after 'joseph' nice burns, shawn.

the famous rainbow hair pic!  i'm in the middle...

senior prom pic... i'm the ugly one in the up left.

me doing what i do best.  machmachmachm
Frequently Asked Questions for b.fat:

When is your birthday so that I can send you lots of expensive presents?

Where do you live right now?

Are you really an un-edjookated fool like everyone says?

Where on earth did you get such a nifty name?

Why don't your shoes ever match?

So, how much do you actually weigh now?

What is your favorite food?

Do you eat my animal friends?

What does this picture look like to you?

If you were a pokemon, what kind would you be?

Why the hell are you watching pokemon?

Are you sad that X-Files is over?

What tv show will you start obsessing over next, you big fat geek?

Can I see some more b.fat cartoons?

What's this I hear about you kidnapping a monkey?