Notes about the Poll:

See, now here's where it's important that you came to look at our nifty cool web page.  We need to decide on a starting and an ending time, and there are a couple of options open.  One, we have the party from one to four p.m., and we play in the daylight.  Two, we play from four to seven p.m., but we play a day game and a night game.  In order to discern between teams, everyone would need to bring a red and a green glow-stick, to tie around his/her neck, so that we can tell who's who in the dark.  The third option is that we play all day long, from one until whenever, and have just sort of a marathon of capture the flag until we all get sick of it.  Soooo... the poll is here to see what everyone wants (in column 3).  The results of said poll will be tabulated, and whichever option gets the most votes, that's what we'll do.  Pretty cool, huh?  :D


Remember back in the day, when your favorite class was recess, and your only homework was to color in a picture of Abraham Lincoln?  Remember when "a paper" was something you drew pictures on, not something that you wrote?  Remember fruit snacks, juice boxes, and when buying your lunch was cool?  Remember... Capture the Flag?

Wouldn't you just *love* to play that totally awesome game that you only got to play like twice a year in elementary school again?

Nostalgia can be a powerful thing... even more powerful than the draw of a shopping mall the day after Thanksgiving.  Come on.  You know you want to.

Where's the Potty??

Who:  Everyone we've ever known.

What:  Capture the Flag, baby!!

Where:  Fifth District Elementary School, at the two baseball diamonds that face each other (where we always used to play it :D)

When:  The Friday after Thankgsviving, see the Poll/Notes about the Poll for more information.

Why:  Because who *doesn't* want to play Capture the Flag??  I mean really...

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