Okay, here's the deal with the potty:

Since Fifth District will be closed on the day of the party, we can't get into their bathrooms.  It's possible that there will be some port-a-pots there (eew!), but most likely not.  Sooo... we won't have any bathrooms.  What we're going to do instead is have our parents or people with cars drive people every hour or so back to our house to use the can, since it's only about 5 minutes away.  Hopefully, people won't need to go that often.

Something else important:

Since we'll be using the Elementary School, and since that's Baltimore County Public Schools property, there will be NO SMOKING!!  It's against the law to smoke on BCPS property, and we could get in huge trouble if anyone smokes.  Please smoke before/after the party, or leave school property to do it.  Thanks.