These are the official rules of play that we will be using, so like, um, read them or something.

Objective To capture the flag of the opposing team.
Teams: There are two teams- a red team and a green team.  Each has an equal number of members, which will be divided randomly (we'll draw names from a hat).  In order to tell who belongs to which team, participants wear colored shirts or jerseys (you will have to bring one of each color, as we will be switching off every now and then).
The Field:
Zones: Each team has a safe zone.  While in the safe zone of your team, you cannot be tagged out.  However, between the two safe zones, there is a "No Man's Land" in which anyone can be taken out by anyone else (except a member of his/her own team).  If you are in the zone of the other team, you can be tagged out, but you cannot tag out anyone else.  If you are out, you must go to your team's jail which is located in the other team's safe zone.
Flags Flags Everywhere: Each person wears a flag tucked into his or her belt/pants (these flags are small strips of fabric).  In order to be tagged out, a member of the opposite team must pull out your flag.  Once it is pulled out, the other member gives it back to you, (or drops it on the ground if he/she is a jerk- hence all the little flags lying around in the above drawing).  Once you are out, you must hold your flag up in the air and walk to jail.

The other kind of flag is the "team flag."  Each team has only one, and it is located in its safe zone.  The object of the game is to capture the team flag of the opposing team while keeping your own flag safe.

Capturing the Flag and After: In order to successfully capture the other team's flag, you must enter their safe zone, pick up the flag, and get back into your own safe zone without being tagged out.  Once the team flag is captured, game play pauses as the capturing team returns the flag to the team it was taken from.  When the flag has been returned, all members return to their own safe zones (except for those in jail) and game play begins again.
Getting out of Jail: In order to get out of jail, a member of your team must rescue you by stepping into the jail (in the other team's safe zone) without getting caught.  A jail break frees everyone inside.  Game play does not pause durring a jailbreak, but all freed members and the freer must take out their flags and hold them up as they walk back to their safe zone.  Once they have stepped inside their zones, they may resume play.
Winning the Game: To win the game, your team must have captured the opposing team's flag the most number of times in an alloted time period.  A scorekeeper will record each capture, and at the end of the designated time (probably one hour per game), a the tally will be added up.
What is not okay: No punching, smacking, kicking, biting, tripping, flicking, or spitting.

No clothes grabbing, no kneeing in the groin, no dirt throwing, no whining, no poking, no rock throwing, no head butting and most of all, no lassoing.

Failure to comply with these rules will get you sent to jail for an indeterminate period of time. 

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