"Mulder loves Scully and Scully loves Mulder.  It's a Wonderful Romance." -Chris Carter, Series Creator

This site exists to promote the belief in MSR (that's Mulder/Scully romance for any newbies) and to provide a fairly comprehensive (I hope) collection of images as well as an episode guide from a shipper's point of view, links to other great sites, and my own collection of fanfic (written by yours truly).  Look around and send me some email to let me know what you think.
Things that might be important... or perhaps not. 

*NEW* - A joint fanfic from the Haven's Fanfic board, entitled "The Haven." (Clever, eh?) It's funny and smart and it was *so* much fun to work on, so you should read it.

Finale Poll - how do you feel about the series finale of the X-Files? Let the world know...

Truth Quote - Check out what Frank Spotnitz had to say about "The Truth," the final episode of the X-Files.

The Ship - a message board for discussion and for shameless self promotion.  Post a link to your website here and I'll include it on my links page if you'd like.  Come on- you know you wanna.  :)

Submit a Quote - the Quotes page is now accepting submissions.

What's a Note of Interest? - the NoE page is dedicated to the nitpicky little intricacies and random factoids from  the X-Files that you might not have noticed or known, or things that got cut out of the finished episode.  For example, did you know that the grave stone that Mulder and Scully stand in front of in "Irresistible" says "Ray Soames?"  It's the same headstone from the Pilot episode.  :)  Check out this link to discover more.

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b.fat's fanfic recs (top10):
12 degrees of separation
easiest thing in the world
eleventh hour
fifth column
the offspring
the sound of wind chimes
taming the unicorn

new to fanfic?  try fic 101 to see what's best for you.  :) 

b.fat's movie recs (top10):
american beauty
the breakfast club
ferris bueller's day off
grosse pointe blank
moulin rouge*
pretty woman
the princess bride
pulp fiction
say anything

why are there movies on an x-files site? the world may never know...

*the most bestest movie ever