Notes of Interest


  • Mulder's badge number is JTT047101111.  Scully's is JTT03316613.
  • Scully drinks her coffee with cream, but no sugar.
  • Mulder is red/green colorblind.  (Does that mean he can't tell how bright Scully's hair is?)
  • Mulder and Scully always get rental cars from the same rental company (Lariat).
  • Mulder first fires his gun in the episode "Conduit."
  • In "Shadows," the cars have no license plates.  They have either been removed or blacked out.
  • Scully first fires her gun in the epidose "Ghost in the Machine."
  • Max Fenig's NICAP hat can be found on various coat racks throughout the series, generally on the one in Mulder's apartment. (NICAP stands for National Investigative Committe on Arial Phenomena.)
  • In the episode "Fire," there was dialoge cut from the final version in which Scully says "Well, never let it be said that you wouldn't walk through fire for a woman, Mulder."  To which Mulder replies: "And never let it be said that I wouldn't do it for you again, Scully."
  • Also in "Fire," in the scene where Scully is typing on the computer, the footage was taken directly from "Squeeze."  Even the photos on the desk are the same.
  • In the episode "Beyond the Sea," Scully says to Boggs, "If he dies because of what you've done..." however, what was originally scripted was "If I lose him because of what you've done..."  :)
  • The autopsy number in "The Host" is #DP112148.  (Dori Pearson is Chris Carter's wife.  Her birthday is 11/21/48.)  The body being autopsied is John Doe #101356. (Chris Carter's birthday is 10/13/56.)
  • While filming "Duane Barry," Gillian Anderson was very pregnant, and so as an in-joke, Scully is buying pickles and ice cream at the grocery store in this episode.
  • In "Aubrey," in the scene where BJ Morrow discovers the body in the basement, when Mulder and Scully come running down the stairs, Scully trips a little, and Mulder reaches out a hand to catch her (you'll have to look closely).
  • In "Irresistible," when Mulder and Scully go out to the graveyard, one of the stones behind them says "Ray Soams."  It's the grave stone used in the Pilot episode.
  • Also in "Irresistible," it was originally scripted for Mulder to kiss Scully on the forehead when she finally collapses into his arms.
  • In "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose," while Clyde is trying to pick up psychic clues from different materials, he holds up a blue scrap of fabric and proclaims that it's Mulder's, torn from his New York Knicks T-shirt.  This is a direct reference to "Beyond the Sea," in which Mulder gives Boggs a scrap of blue fabric, only to tell him later (after he puts on quite a show of obtaining information from it) that it was torn from his NY Knicks shirt.
  • In the beginning of "Pusher," Robert Patrick Modell is at the supermarket, and on the cover of a tabloid at the checkout counter, there is a picture of the Flukeman with a headline that reads something like "Monster spotted off Atlantic coast."
  • Also in the episode "Pusher," in the scene where Mulder goes into the hospital looking for records on Modell (just before Modell comes up behind him and just after he tells Scully what he found), if you look closely at Mulder's lips, it appears as though he mouths "I love you."  Of course, why he'd be saying that at that point in the episode, I have no idea.
  • In the book Moby Dick, the character of Queequeg was a cannibal.
  • Darin Morgan, who played Eddie Van Blundht and wrote many episodes (including "War of the Coprophages") also played the Flukeman in "The Host." He is also long-time writer Glen Morgan's brother.
  • In a scene cut from "Home," when Mulder and Scully are examining the baby in the very small room, Mulder bumps into Scully who shoots him a curious look.  Mulder quips that it was his penlight and Scully says "I thought it was a long-standing curiosity being satisfied."
  • In "Small Potatoes," when fake Mulder is trying to seduce Scully, she is wearing pants, but when the real Mulder bursts through the door and Scully pushes Van Blundht away from her, you can see that her knees are bare... hmmmm...
  • There was an improvized kiss on the lips in the hallway scene in "Memento Mori" that was removed from the final cut of the episode.  Along with this was an extra line that Scully said at the end of her monologue:  "But there is one thing that I am most certain of...  that as long as I'm able, I need to be with you.  Searching for the truth."
  • In the episodes "Unusual Suspects" and "Travelers," the Mulder of the early 90's is wearing a wedding ring... I hate to think what this could mean, considering who he was supposedly involved with at the time... ::shudder::
  • An improvised line cut from th episode "Post Modern Promethius," right after the waitress pours coffee on him, has Mulder saying "Why'd you go and do that for?  Now my crotch is going to be up all night!"  hehe.
  • The cross necklace that Scully wears in the movie is different from the one she wears in the show- it is much bigger.
  • Vince Gilligan tries to work his girlfriend's name (Holly Hartwell Rice) into every episode that he writes.  Examples:  Holly- Sharon Modeski's alias in "Unusual Suspects," Sheriff Hartwell in "Bad Blood," Holly in "Pusher," and Detective Rice in "Folie a Deux."
  • There was some alleged rejected dialogue from the episode "One Son," in the decontamination shower scene in which Scully says "My my..." and Mulder replies "Right back at you, Red..." 
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