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Similarities between Smallville and the X-Files
1. Something wierd happens every week- a mutant, a monster, etc. and Clark and Chloe must investigate/stop the monster similar to the way that Mulder and Scully investigated the X-Files.

2.  There is major UST between two main characters (Clark and Lana on Smallville, just like between Mulder and Scully on the X-files... though I guess it's pretty much RST now <g>).

3.  Mark Snow does the music  (the Smallville Pilot may have actually used music directly from the X-Files- I couldn't place the episode, but it sounded too familiar for it not to be).

4.  David Nutter works on the show.  (He executively produced and directed the first Smallville, and directed many many X-Files episodes.    The mood that he established in the first Smallville episode was very X-Filish, and that has remained throughout the series so far.)
X-Files Sightings on Smallville
Did I miss one?  Email me and tell me.

General -  Chloe's dad is played by the same actor as Robert Patrick Modell, from the X-Files episodes "Pusher" and "Kitsunegari."
     The scientist that Lex Luthor has working for him, the crazy guy that's obsessed with meteor rocks, was the main character in the XF episode "Redrum."
     Principal Kwan (who dies in the episode "Crush")  is played by the acttor from "Synchrony" who was one of the scientists that was frozen to death (at the beginning, I think- I'll have to watch it again).

"Metomorphosis" - Greg Arkin, the bug boy, is played by the main character in "Hungry" (the brain eater).

"Jitters" - The Janitor/friend of the Kents is played by the guy who played Preacher in the XF episode "Sleepless."

"Kinetic" - One of the three disgruntled jocks with the Kryptonite tatoos is played by the actor who was Kurt Crawford (all of them) in "Memento Mori."
Who's Who?
A closer look at the characters of Smallville.

Clark Kent was found by his adoptive parents on the day of the historic Smallville meteor shower.  His spaceship, later discovered by his parents, crashed in a field where he was found.  Now, he is trying to fit in as  a normal teenaged boy, but his remarkable abilities make it difficult.  Already extremely fast and strong, he has recently developed X-Ray vision which has helped him many  times in solving the mysteries that unfold in his town.  He is desperately in love with Lana Lang, but is trying to be happy with just friendship, since she is dating the star quarterback of the football team, Whitney Fordman.  He is an optimistic and goodhearted young man, but sometimes he feels isolated because of his abilities and responsible for much of the destruction caused by the meteor shower and the effects of the meteor rock, despite the fact that none of it was his fault.

Jonathan and Martha Kent are a happy farming couple living in Smallville, Kansas.  Unable to have children of their own, they were delighted to find the child, who they later named Clark, in the field on the day of the meteor shower.  They keep his spaceship and his secret hidden from the rest of the world, but they still often fear  that his secret will come out somehow, which makes them very protective of their son.  They are doing their best to raise Clark  to be a normal and well adjusted person, but with his special abilities, it is sometimes difficult.  
The Kents:  

Lana Lang is the most popular girl at Smallville High.  She is dating the star quarterback, Whitney Fordman, and is good friends with Clark Kent, a nextdoor neighbor that she has known her entire life, though recently it seems as if she may have more-than-friendly feelings for him.  Her parents were killed in the meteor shower, something for which Clark feels endlessly guilty, and she now lives with her aunt Nell.  She seems happy, though sometimes she is troubled by life and haunted by her parents deaths.  She confides often in Clark, however, and their friendship has grown much stronger because of this.  Recently, she has made a deal with Lex Luthor in converting the local (though rundown) movie theatre where her parents met, the Talon, into a cafe.  She someday hopes to have the theatre completely restored and show old movies on the screen.

Lex Luthor is the son of Lionel Luthor and heir to the Luthorcorp throne.  He has a torrid past which he has tried to escape by moving to Smallville (though reluctant at first, he has now grown to like it), where he befriended Clark Kent after Clark  saved his life (he hit him  with his car at 60 miles an hour and flew over a bridge into a lake where Clark ripped off the roof of the car and pulled him out).  At first obsessed with the mysterious nature of the rescue, Lex has now agreed to put the accident  behind him.  Though he tries to be a good person and a good friend to Clark, his past and his reputation sometimes preceed him, which has made it difficult for Mr. Kent to trust him.  He is also a Luthor, and is sometimes rutheless in his decisions and in his execution of plans, even though he tries hard to avoid becoming like his father.  At times, it appears he is jealous of Clark and the loving relationship he has with his parents.

Chloe Sullivan is the editor of the Smallville High Torch and a good friend of Clark Kent's.  Hyper and energetic, it is Chloe's mission in life to investigate every bizarre occurance in Smallville, and that is a lot.  She has compiled a collection of articles and photos from over the years and displays them all on what she calls the "Wall of Wierd."  Her father works at the Smallville Luthercorp plant, and she has recently recieved a summer internship at the Daily Planet in Metropolis, where she is originally from.  Someday, she would like to work at the Planet full time.

Pete Ross is Clark's best friend from grade school.  He joined the football team this year, and occasionally writes articles for the Torch.  He is a good student and a good friend to clark, and often times is involved in investigating the bizarre occurances in Smallville.  Earlier this year, he managed Clark's campaign when he ran for class president, and though Clark didn't win, Pete found that he loved being a campaign manager.  (Funny little note- I went from kindergarten through my senior year in high school with a kid named Pete Ross.) 

The Basic Storyline
The storyline of this show has excellent continuity, which makes it rewarding for a devoted fan, but not confusing for an occasional viewer.  It is maintained through relatively infrequent dialogue references and through plot occurances.  But don't worry, if you're a first time viewer, you should have no problem following along.  Here is the story thusfar:

The Clark Plot:  In the first episode, Clark discovers that he is not from this planet.  His father shows him the spaceship that he was found with, and Clark comes to terms with this.  We also discover, over the course of a few episodes, that Clark has a sort of "allergy" to the meteor rocks, which cause him pain to be near.  He has developed a friendship with Lex Luthor, after saving his life, but Clark's father does not trust Lex, no matter how much Clark tries to defend him.  Clark struggles to keep his abilites a secret, but occasionally someone finds out.  However, usually this person ends up dying a plot-related death, and so his secret remains.  Lex came close to uncovering it once, but that , of course, happened in the epside where Clark lost his powers and eventually Lex agreed to drop the whole thing.  Clark often uses his powers (he is super strong, super fast, and recently developed x-ray vision)  to save loved ones and to solve mysteries.

The Lex Plot:  Lex was forced to move to Smallville from Metropolis on orders from his father.  He left behind a tainted past, which he doesn't talk about, but sometimes comes back to haunt him.  A young woman named Victoria was sent to seduce him in order to find out information about him so that she and her father could take over his company.  Seduce him she did, but Lex got the better of her and ended up destroying her own father's  company instead.  One of the best exchanges of the show was between the two of them.  She says, after thinking she has won, "It was just business, Lex." To which he replies, "If you call sleeping with me business, I hate to think what that makes you."  Lex currently has a deal with a writer at the Inquisitor: he provides stories, if the newspaper keeps Lex's torrid past "hush hush."  Lex has also recently acquired Cadmus Labs, and has a scientist working secretly in Smallvile, studying the meteor rocks.  In the episode "Obscura" Lex found a  piece of Clark's spaceship, and knows that something besides meteors came down during the shower 13 years ago.  He is now determined to investigate further.

The Love Plot:  There is a developing love triangle between Clark, Chloe, and Lana.  Chloe has feelings for Clark, who in turn is in love with Lana, who may return Clark's  feelings, but is in a relationship with Whitney which she almost broke off, but then his father died, and she didn't feel it would be right to dump him after an ordeal like that.  Clark, after learning of Chloe's feelings, decided that he might be able to return them, which caused silent jealousy in Lana Lang.  However, officially, all 3 of them are in just friendship relationships for now.  Wphew.  And all of this after just one season!  That's what I get for watching a show on the WB.  :)


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